Strength Beneath the Surface™

Easy to Install

Durock Tile Membrane installation is fast and easy-just four simple and quick steps.

Step One
Unroll membrane and dry-fit to area.

Step Two
Apply Durock tile membrane adhesive with a trowel or roller over substrate to be covered by the first membrane layer.

Step Three
Embed membrane into adhesive. Apply additional adhesive over 2" of leading edge of installed membrane and area to be covered by next membrane layer. Lap that layer over the adhesive-covered edge to seam the materials together. Continue until the entire floor area is covered. No mechanical fasteners required.

Step Four
Allow to cure; install tile.

Installation Resources

Product, Tools, & Preparation

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Installation Steps

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Product, Tools, & Preparation

Just a few basic tools and simple surface preparation are all that’s required for Durock Tile Membrane installation.

Installation on Floors

Watch a step-by-step demonstration that shows just how easy it is to install Durock Tile Membrane, even flashing around corners.

Installation on Walls

Watch how simple it is to prepare walls for tile installation. A roller or a trowel are all you’ll need.

Cure Time, Tile & Grout

Durock Tile Membrane adhesive cures in just two hours, letting you lay your tile and apply grout quickly.

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